Title: Snow Removal Techniques: Plowing vs. Snow Blowing

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As winter approaches, businesses must prepare for the challenges that snow and ice accumulation can bring. Ensuring the safety and accessibility of your commercial property is vital, and selecting the right snow removal technique is key. Two primary methods for managing snow buildup are plowing and snow blowing. In this blog, we will explore the differences between these techniques and how SnoCare Services can help you make the right choice for your commercial snow removal needs.

The Power of Plowing

1. Speed and Efficiency: Snow plowing is known for its speed and efficiency. It’s a highly effective method for quickly clearing large areas, such as parking lots and roadways. Commercial snow plows are designed to handle heavy snowfall and can move snow out of the way swiftly.

2. Ideal for Large Areas: When you have a vast expanse of snow to clear, plowing is often the preferred choice. It can efficiently handle snow depths and volumes that might be overwhelming for other methods.

3. Cost-Effective: Snow plowing tends to be more cost-effective than some other techniques, making it a practical choice for businesses looking to manage their snow removal budget efficiently.

The Art of Snow Blowing

1. Precision: Snow blowing is excellent for precision work. It can clear snow from tight spaces, such as walkways, driveways, and areas around structures, without causing damage to landscaping or property features.

2. Versatility: Snow blowers come in various sizes, from compact walk-behind models to powerful truck-mounted units. This versatility allows for more tailored snow removal solutions, ensuring no area is overlooked.

3. Reduced Snow Relocation: Snow blowing typically disperses the snow more evenly, reducing the need to relocate large snow piles to other areas of your property. This can be beneficial for properties with limited space.

Choosing the Right Technique

Selecting the appropriate snow removal technique depends on several factors:

  1. Property Size: Consider the size and layout of your commercial property. For large, open areas like parking lots, plowing may be the go-to option. For smaller or intricately designed areas, snow blowing might be more suitable.

Snow Depth: The depth of the snowfall matters. For light snow accumulations, snow blowers may be sufficient. However, for significant snowfalls, plowing is often the more efficient choice.

Accessibility Needs: Think about the accessibility requirements of your property. Walkways, entrances, and emergency exits may need more precise snow removal, which snow blowers excel at.

Budget: Your budget will also play a role in your decision. While plowing can be more cost-effective for large areas, snow blowing might be a more budget-friendly option for smaller, precise jobs.

Trust SnoCare Services for Expert Snow Removal

At SnoCare Services, we understand that every commercial property is unique, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for snow removal. Our team of experienced professionals can assess your property’s specific needs and provide a tailored snow removal plan that may involve a combination of plowing and snow blowing.

We are equipped with state-of-the-art snow removal equipment and a commitment to safety and efficiency. Whether you need fast, thorough plowing or precision snow blowing, SnoCare Services has you covered.


When it comes to managing snow accumulation on your commercial property, choosing between plowing and snow blowing depends on various factors. Both techniques have their advantages, and the right choice will ensure that your property remains safe, accessible, and aesthetically pleasing throughout the winter season. SnoCare Services is your trusted partner for professional snow removal, offering the expertise and equipment needed to keep your business running smoothly, no matter how harsh the winter 

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