Contract Options

A Snow Removal and Ice Management Contract to Fit Your Needs

We realize that no two properties are the same for their snow and ice management treatment needs.  From parking lots, driveways and sidewalks to all of these and more, SnoCare Services has the snow removal package that is best suited for you.  Finding the right package and creating the contract to fit your unique needs will end up giving you the best snow and ice removal at the most affordable price.

The Right Contact Makes Your Snow and Ice Treatments Affordable

At SnoCare Services we offer customized contracts to help our customer find the right plan for them.  This may include paying a lump sum for the property per snowstorm or for the entire winter.  If you prefer to pay by area that is treated, whether driveway, parking lot or sidewalk, we are happy to adjust the contract and subsequent billing accordingly.  This flexibility means that you can find the right snow removal and ice treatment program specific to your property.  This approach can save you money over time, as you are not paying for services and treatments that you do not need.

Contract Options

All Inclusive Fix Const Contracts

When selecting your snow removal and weather treatment services, you have the option of paying for each winter storm as it arrives or paying for snow removal in monthly increments.  By agreeing on a lump sum amount at the beginning of the season SnoCare Services’ customers can know exactly what price to budget for their snow and ice treatment needs.  For others, they prefer the flexibility of paying for each storm as needed.

A Contract that Clearly Outlines Your Services and Expectations

All customer contracts clearly define the services that the customer should anticipate during inclement weather.  This includes options for pre-treating the property prior to a storm’s arrival, snow removal and dispensing salt to address any icy conditions.  By having these services definitively outlined in the customer’s contract, it can be clear what the expectations are for your snow removal and ice management services.

If down the road, a customer decides to add more services this can easily be done, modifying the contact to include additional services.  Any changes to the property to add more areas that need to be treated, can also be added into the contract.  This flexibility of a contract based on your needs and laying out the expectations offers a great advantage for SnoCare Services’ customers.

The ability to customize your ice removal and weather treatment contract, specific to your property’s unique needs, is a great option for customers.  Whether you are looking to have a full-service snow removal and ice management plan with all the bells and whistles or just a basic snow plowing service, SnoCare Services can work with you.  We will develop a contract based on your needs that will make your snow removal services as affordable as possible.