Dedicated Fleet

Dedicated Commercial Snow and Ice Management Fleet Focused on Snow Removal and Winter Treatment

Winter ice can be a problem for businesses, making it difficult for customers and employees to traverse the parking lot, walkways and more.  If left untreated, this problem can quickly become even bigger.  It is important that after a winter storm or drop in temperatures, that your business’ property be treated to prevent this type of icy build-up.  The best way to do this is with liquid de-icing.

Liquid de-icing is the most effective way to treat roads, parking lots, sidewalks and walkways to prevent ice from forming and remove any that has already formed.  Applied as a liquid, it can penetrate pores in paved, concrete, or rock surfaces.  This can make a big difference in preventing and removing ice.

 At SnoCare Services, we have a dedicated fleet of equipment to treat clients’ properties before, during, and following a winter storm. This means that our equipment is always ready for the arrival of snow or ice. This sets SnoCare Services from other companies offering weather treatment services. Landscaping businesses typically use the same equipment year-round, removing plows from their machinery in the late winter. This can make it challenging to ensure that removing snow and ice from your property is a top priority.

With a focus on snow removal and winter treatments, you can be sure that SnoCare Services will be ready for any snow or ice event that Mother Nature has in store.

Surprise Early Winter Storm or Late Freeze is No Problem for SnoCare Services

In the northeast, the only weather that we can come to expect is the unexpected. It isn’t unusual for a surprise winter storm or dropping temperatures to lead to icy conditions in late fall or early spring. Often, these winter events can catch us by surprise, amounting to a bigger event than anticipated. This is where SnoCare Service’s dedicated commercial and Ice Management fleet of winter equipment sets us apart. With snow removal and deicing machinery ready at a moment’s notice, these storms are nothing for our customers.

New Jersey Elite Snow and Ice Management Dedicated Fleet

We can treat a client’s property quickly and efficiently, with equipment always standing by at the ready for a snow event.
Additionally, other companies that offer snow removal do not have this type of dedicated winter weather fleet. As the temperatures change, they often use this for other purposes. This adds time to get to a client’s property, if they can arrive at all, during a late fall or early spring storm. A delay in response can leave your business’s parking lot, stairways, and sidewalks in treacherous conditions. Furthermore, icy areas can make this hazardous for your customers and employees.

Reduced Time for Treating Your Property During Winter Weather

When the temperature changes, whether from dropping temperatures or a sudden storm, you need a company that you can rely on to respond quickly. SnoCare Services has a fleet of snow removal and deicing equipment around the clock, no matter what the calendar says. As a result, we respond quickly to any winter weather. While reducing any downtime for your business that can result from snow and ice. Ensuring that you can do business as usual, regardless of the weather, is our top priority. Additionlly, it shows in our response time. While other companies may be left waiting or throwing down their inefficient rock salt, SnoCare Services’ clients can rest easy knowing that we have you covered.

Equipment ready at a moment’s notice is a big differentiator for SnoCare Services. As the name implies, we are in the snow removal and treatment business. When you want a company you can rely on for all your winter property needs, look no further than SnoCare Services.

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