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Treating Winter Snow and Ice: Liquid De-Icing vs. Salt

Liquid De-Icing Works Faster and Uses Less Material than Traditional Rock Salt

SnoCare Services uses modernized technology for all of your New Jersey commercial snow and Ice Management. Winter ice can be a problem for businesses, making it difficult for customers and employees to traverse the parking lot, walkways and more. Furthermore, if left untreated, this problem can quickly become even bigger.  It is important that after a winter storm or drop in temperatures, that your business’ property be treated to prevent this type of icy build-up.  The best way to do this is with liquid de-icing.

Liquid de-icing is the most effective way to treat roads, parking lots, sidewalks and walkways to prevent ice from forming and remove any that has already formed.  Applied as a liquid, it can penetrate pores in paved, concrete, or rock surfaces.  This can make a big difference in preventing and removing ice.

Since this material is applied as a liquid, it stays in place better than traditional rock salt.  Rock salt is frequently moved by traffic, either cars or by foot, making it inefficient for melting salt in a particular area.  Once applied, liquid de-icing stays in the area and continues to work to melt and prevent icy build-up.  This technique can remove ice and crusty snow down to bare pavement.  The ability to use less material and easily apply it to the designated area, will mean that you save money on material and labor when using liquid de-icing.

Liquid De-Icing is Better for the Environment and Easier on Concrete and Asphalt

The negative effect of traditional rock salt on the environment is widely known, from damaging landscaping and nearby plants to contaminating the water supply.  Furthermore, using a liquid de-icing product significantly reduces the impact on the environment.  Manufactured with less chlorides and other chemicals, liquid de-icing products are a far eco-friendlier option.

Liquid de-icing methods are also better for your concrete and asphalt.  Over time traditional rock salt can wear away the structural integrity of your lots and sidewalks.  Furthermore, liquid de-icing has corrosion inhibitors that prevent this degradation.  In addition, when mixed with calcium chloride liquid de-icing products can reduce freeze and thaw cycles. Contact SnoCare Services for your New Jersey commercial snow and ice management needs.

A Cleaner Way of Removing Ice from Your Driveway and Walkways

One of the big frustrations for businesses using rock salt is tracking the salt indoors on shoes.  This corrosive material can have a negative effect on flooring, requiring more cleanings and even destroying the floor over time.  With liquid de-icing methods, very little of the liquid is tracked indoors and that which can be easily cleaned.

Traditional rock salt can also destroy your business’ landscaping.  As the salt is thrown, blown, and tracked to nearby grass, plants and trees, the greenery is damaged by the chemicals in the salt.  Liquid de-icing products stay where they are applied.  There is no need to worry about how the product will affect nearby landscaping, and no damage to address after the winter.

SnoCare Services is dedicated to using liquid de-icing products.  From their superior performance to the reduced impact on your facility and the environment, liquid de-icing is far more advantageous than rock salt.

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