Brine Per Gallon


Our deicing agents and dispensing equipment are all conveniently located in New Jersey. Businesses and municipalities can easily have access to the equipment.  SnoCare Services offers both pickup or delivery services. Additionally, you can pick up the equipment at our facility in Somerville, New Jersey. If it is easier to have the brine dispensing equipment delivered to your location, SnoCare Services is happy to offer delivery.

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SnoCare Services is a New Jersey distributor for liquid deicing agents, including the product and application equipment. Furthermore, the company offers the latest technology for applying brine in commercial and municipal properties for larger scale treatments. In addition, the tank and pump system to dispense the de-icer will ensure that the material is applied properly in a spray pattern that will focus the concentration only on the area needing to be treated. Having the technology at your disposal to dispense de-icing agents will mean you are prepared for any winter weather.


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